Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tales from the magic dragon - one line adventure ideas for your games.

  • A band of orcs move into the abandoned tower of thistlebeard, the one time home of the druid
    thistlebeard  who disappeared 200 years ago. The residents of the town of elray, where the tower overlooks hires the pc's to go into the tower and clean it out. 
  • The Pc's are invited to particpate in the Grand Gold Race from Pembrook shire to the village of portledge near the xanth basin. The prize is 500 gp for first place and a choice of steed from the farm of wilbur whatley. Second prize if 250 gp and third is 125 gp. The race is slated to take several days.
  • The Last great king of the nordic Gnomes has passed away - leaving his kingdom up in the air as his heirs fight over who gets what. The Pc's are asked to sneak into the temple of the cloistered and retrieve the last will & testament so the true heir can be found.. This is a heavy thief based idea, 
  • While traveling from dunwater to pearth by ship, the ship is taken over by pirates and the pc's are sold into slavery in the city of pearl,which sits on the golden coast.
  • A rogue Owlbear has been stalking travelers in the dunwich forest.
  • The long lost daughter of King Triamear appears in the middle of the town square inciting a riot against the king.
  • A group of kobolds are showing signs of higher intelligence.
  • A caravan from Kadar traveling to the city of Ephesus is captured by brigands and they are requesting a ransom.

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